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Instaread offers key insights and takeaways from bestselling & classic books.


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With Instaread, employees can accelerate learning by quickly getting the key insights from bestselling business, self-improvement, health & fitness books!


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Each Instaread is written by professionals who report back the most important points from each book to help you stay abreast of all the latest concepts & trends.


Work Smarter

All the titles available in audio as well.

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Winners! Just a few minutes to read, but are packed with useful insights and all of the inspiration from the top leaders and thinkers.

Leaders are readers. Empower your teams by helping them learn quickly and expand their skills to become better professionals

Instaread provides universal access to critical knowledge from books, in a format that can be absorbed easily and quickly, allowing employees to stay current, competitive, and to become leaders who can make better decisions.


Bill Gates reads over 50 books a year!


CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read an average of four to five books a month.


Develop your employees in today’s constantly evolving business environment. Ensure your workforce remains educated, agile and ready to respond to new developments.

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